Friday, June 6, 2008

Lily being Lily

So the other day Calista and Shilo were taking naps and I was cleaning. Lily had asked if she could play outside because it was so nice out, when I came around to the dining room this is what I found.... Lily dancing to her 'tunes' having a 'good time' in the backyard. Had to share.....

So these are some pictures of the trees that lined the pool and shaded our whole backyard. Duane and I decided we wanted our new kitchen (and pool) to get as much sunlight as possible... so we called our local logging company and had them over for an afternoon!

This is Uncle Dean in the TimberPro.... Thanks Uncle Dean!

The yard looks amazing with the trees gone, we are so happy we did it! I will do my best to post new photos of the yard soon! I stayed home this afternoon so I didn't get any pictures, it was just too rainy and cold to get me outside again!

The whole family hard at work!

After a year of no hunting, Duane is back in the saddle!
He only went out a few times this year because with all the work on the house he was just too tired to get up early for turkey hunting, but he finally did it and boy was this Tom worth the wait! Duane was able to hunt for this turkey right behind our new house!

The girls sure were proud of Daddy's turkey!

More House Renovations

Memorial Day weekend Tom and Kate Willette spent A LOT of time helping us tearout sheetrock and rip up floors! We can't thank them enough for all their help! Here's some pictures of the four of us showing off our demo skills!

Shilo and her FIRST cookie!

Don't mind the whining fighting sisters in the background!!!