Sunday, November 23, 2008

Beautiful in Bonnets

The Thursday before Thanksgiving we hosted our 2nd Girls Tea Party.
Here are the beautiful in bonnets crew!

Shilo and the Stairs

Shilo figured out how to do the stairs this week and she is quite proud of herself. She is especially happy because if she moves fast enough she can get to the toilet without mom catching her!

Shilo refused to nap on Wednesday... and this is what happened while waiting for dinner. Needless to say, she didn't eat until Thursday morning!

Scott's Trophy Buck

All season the 'boys' have been after the monster buck that had been seen in Milford. There have been sighting all year but no one had gotten close enough to take a shot until last Sunday. Scott saw him.... and shot him. He was 190 lbs with 12 points.
Congratulations Scotty!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday November 15th

This post is a little silly but one that deserves recognition. Today Duane and I got motivated to do the list of 'we can do that later' things.... so here are some pictures of all we accomplished today!
Paper Towel Holder on the Pantry Wall
Paper Towel Holder by Kitchen Sink
Towel Hook in Our Master Bathroom

Door Knob on our Master Bath

Door Knob on the Girls Bedroom

Door Knob on Shilo's Bedroom

Door Knob on the Living Room Closet

Mirror Over the Love Seat

Mounted all 5 of our 'talking' fire alarms and got them working... absolutely hilarious, each one is programed for the room that it is in, so when one goes of they all start yelling! (for example)


And Last but not Least, we hung the Big Buck next to the Fireplace!

Lily and Daddy's Trip to Hunting Camp

This year Lily decided to go to Grampy's hunting camp with Daddy and everyone. It was a little bit of a shocker to mom that Lily was willing to miss gymnastics and a birthday party to go hunting, but she was! So Duane and Lily left Tuesday night for camp and didn't return until Friday night. We sure did miss them!
Duane and Lily with the Buck....

Lily was really happy for Daddy. After they got done taking pictures Lily asked Duane "daddy why are your deer's horns so tiny?"

Guess he'll have to do better next year!

I love this picture for some reason....


Duane and his Deer

Jason and Amanda

Donald and Don Jr.

Grampy got special permission to use the mule to go hunting with everyone. Duane thought it was great, and it sure was a help getting the deer out of the woods!

Lily and the Deer..... Our little camp girl

Jason, Duane, and Don Jr. with their deer.

Dean, Lily, and Cooper
Sarah, Natalie, Cooper, Amanda, Dean and Lily
Grety and Natalie
Lily and Cooper hanging out
Lily and Cooper all ready for the hunt!

Thanks Sarah for these great pics of Cooper and Lily!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Two Saturdays ago we decided to take the girls to Chunky's for lunch and a movie. Madagascar 2 had just opened and Duane and I were more eager to see it than the girls I think! We arrived at 11:20 for the 12:00 show but it was already sold out! So we got into the 12:30 show instead and by the time we were done having lunch the movie was starting. It was a blast and of course I left my camera phone in the car so we had to make due with Duane's phone.

There was a picture of Mommy and Calista.... but Daddy deleted it while trying to transfer the pics to Mommy's phone.....

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Monday morning it was a chilly 27 degrees! Good thing we have our winter gear ready!



The girls and I went to Halloween at the barn as Cat in the Hat, Thing One, Thing Two, and Sally (sally is the little girl in the book). We couldn't get Duane in on it!

Halloween at Jacques