Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cali's Graduation

So the day finally came... my 1st baby graduated from Kindergarten last night.
Unreal how time flies.

Cali and Ava before the Graduation

The theme for Graduation was Safari. The kids did a little play and then we had a 10 minute intermission for them to go and change into their graduation gowns!

Each child had a part when they told the audience what they learned this year. Cali's part was: "4 O'clock, the big hand is on the 12 the little hand is on the 4, or four dot dot zero zero, Four O'clock"

The students all gave a flower to their parents to say thank you.

Calista's class with Mrs. Gosselin


We are so proud!

and the most special thing of all..... mom and dad gave in and bought Cali a Webkin for graduation, now we just have to figure out what to do with the silly thing!

More on the House

Work had been progressing steadily so here are some pictures to show you all how it's going!
Duane and Carl have been at the house practically everyday working as hard as they can to get the house ready for us. The drainage around the house is almost entirely complete and the kitchen floor and living room floor are now gone. The Town of Milford came knocking this week wondering what was going on up on Osgood Road! Apparently the extent of our cosmetic work requires a building permit! OOPS! The riping and tearing is almost done and I can't wait for the repairs inside to begin! This is all very exciting!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

The House

This is the house before the renovations started....
These two pictures are the only exterior pictures I got before Roger showed up with the excavator!
The kitchen that was
We took the kids over the day after we closed to help us start the demolition!


Daddy and Girls on the Beach... it was so windy our first days there the girls could barely stand up!

This was daddy's fishing friend....

On the plane

Our last day in Florida

Lily and Cali enjoyed Scott's pet snake... mom and dad weren't so thrilled...

Our Manatees........

Having a silly lunch before our trip to Sea World!

More Wedding Photos