Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lily the Monkey

Since beginning Gymnastics classes in October, Lily has attempted to climb the rope every week. Every week she got a little closer to the bell until FINALLY! SHE DID IT! If you listen real close you can hear one of the girls in her class say 'that's the first one in our class who can ring the bell!'

We're really proud of her!

Memorial Day Weekend

Since Duane and I have been together this was the first Memorial Day we weren't able to go to camp. It was kind of dissapointing but it was also special to spend 3 days with just our little family. It was really hot so we spent a lot of time beside the pool, went to the parade, and got in some fishing and of course...yard work!

Yes, Lily caught a frog... not quite sure how that happens, but it did! And the bad videographer is Mommy. Shilo had pink eye so bad I caved and called the Dr. on Memorial Day Weekend!

Calista's School Play

Calista was the duck in the Little Red Hen Skit


Earlier this year we ordered poultry chickens and have been waiting for them to arrive.... we got a call on Friday morning telling us they had arrived only to recieve another call later telling us that they had died from heat stroke 'due to the way they are shipped'. So sad. Since we had already told the kids we were picking up the chicks we begged and bartered with Blue Seal to let us have ANY chicks, so we wouldn't have a house full of crying kids. So here they are. 3 little roosters,(who will meet the fate of the other poultry chickens who are due to arrive next friday) they are cute!

Pool Party

The week of May 17th we had mutiple days that reached 90*! Boy was it hot! Lily and I decided there was nothing else to do but have a pool party and invite all our friends! I thought I had taken more photos but I guess not. Shelley and Johanna escaped the lense!

Mother's Day

For Mother's Day we bought some subs at the Meat Shoppe and ate by the river at the Boys and Girls Club. It was such a nice day we decided to walk over the bridge to Keyes Field. We had a lot of fun and it was very enjoyable for everyone. On the way home Calista asked to push the (empty) stroller back across the bridge and since she had pushed it down on the way over we saw no harm in it. So we were standing on the bridge waiting for Calista to come up the handicap ramp when we heard an awful crash and Calista scream. We ran to her as fast as we could and found her lying at the bottom of the steps and the carriage just about in the river. The remains of our lunch and any other items in the carriage were scattered about the stairs and ground. Turns out she couldn't see over the carriage and she was concentrating so hard on pushing straight, she went right past the entrance to the brige and down the stairs. She tried to save the carriage and it took her with it, bouncing on top of her on the way down. She was pretty brusied and bloody but she came out of it without a trip to the hospital luckily.



Turkey Hunting

Duane took out Alex Parkhurst during youth hunting weekend. They heard a lot but came home empty handed. Duane came home with his turkey from Scott's land in Lyndeborough.

Shilo has decided her new favorite toy is the turkey decoy. She can even say 'turkey' now.

80* in April!

This was the week of school vacation. We opened the big pool, but we shocked it right away so the kids weren't able to swim in it on sat. (they did jump in real quick friday night just to say they'd been in). So we filled the 'baby' pool and invited over our neighbor Maddie.

Yard Clean Up

Our first project of the year was to get the island in front of the house done. We had left some shrubs in the front and back of the house for the winter so we could decide if we really wanted them or not. After having to look at them for the last 6 months we decided they had to go. The only thing we left on the island were the two blueberry bushes which are blossoming very nicely and are looking to have a lot of fruit this year, otherwise, everything came out. We planted a weeping cherry tree, a plum tree, and a peach tree in place of everything else. We also transplanted hostas from various places in the backyard. We are super happy with the end result!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

For our first anniversary (and my 27th birthday) Duane and I went to Mikata for supper. Duane gave me the band I've been wanting and Duane got his much wanted two-man tree stand.

All Dressed Up for Special Meeting

Gorgeous in Gloves Tea Party

Sunday, March 1, 2009

There may be another 12 inches of snow on it's way tonight... but that didn't stop my family from playing like it's summer! Even Shilo went for a quick dip!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shilo had quite the morning one day back in December..... She found a marker before Daddy and Mommy had gotten up out of bed, and found she's quite good at taking the covers off and experimenting.

Soon after the marker experience, she climbed under her crib and found the potty seats. She thought they were much more appropriate as jewelry.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I'm going to try and 'update' our lives for the last few months.... we've been super busy and it seems like there's just never time to update the blog! Hope this post finds everyone happy and in love! xoxo

In keeping with the LOVE theme.... I haven't officially announced that my sister Chrissy and her boyfriend George got engaged while they were home for Christmas! We are super excited and happy for them! We can't wait to have George as a member of our family and hope they share much love and happiness all their lives!

Up to Camp with Auntie Steph!

We were really excited to have Steph up to camp with us after Christmas! We had a great time!