Saturday, September 27, 2008

Calista's Birthday at School

On Calista's Birthday Mrs. Waris let Lily, Shilo, and I bring in a snack so Calista could have a party at school. In Ms. O'Malley's preschool class we were only allowed to bring healthy snacks so we always brought corn muffins dyed pink with pink cream cheese frosting. Calista has always LOVED them. So when I told Calista she could have whatever she wanted for her school party she said pink corn muffins with pink frosting! Her class really liked the snack! We had a good time visting Calista's class and getting to meet all her school friends!
Singing Happy Birthday to Calista!
Calista's teacher, Mrs. Waris, is the woman standing next to her.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Here's my other little gymnast!
So on Monday I told Mamie I would watch the Miles Crew for her, completely forgetting that Calista had gymnastics! So all 7 of us hoofed it over to Gymnastics Village to watch Calista! All the kids were great amazingly enough and we sure did fill the waiting room! Her class was pretty neat this week, they're already doing balance beam work! Here are some pictures of the crew.... Brody was watching a movie, he thought it was boring sitting at gymnastics!

Shelby modeling Calista's gymnastic skirt.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Our Weekend up to Camp with the Willettes!

We spent this past weekend up to camp with Kate and Tom Willette and their two kiddos Cody and Kamryn. Cody is 4 days apart from Calista and Kamryn is about 6 months younger than Lily. Since it was the first weekend of bow hunting season we bent all the rules and dismissed Cody and Calista early from school on Friday and headed up north. The boys had hoped to be in the treestands to hunt that night, but that didn't happen (not entirely the girls fault). Instead we reached camp about 5:30 and the boys were able to spend the evening hanging a treestand and setting a ground blind for the morning. We had beautiful weather the whole weekend. We had a lot of fun with the Willettes and can't wait to do it again! Here's to a weekend to remember filled with good food, good friends, and great memories!

I don't think anyone will be able to see this, but when we arrived at camp the field by the pond was filled with turkeys. We hoped it meant a weekend full of wildlife! The turkeys are the little black dots in the distance!

Calista's catch of the day!

first morning at camp, the boys relaxing after getting up at 5am in hopes of the trophy buck. no such luck this time!
everyone enjoying breakfast
shilo thoroughly enjoying breakfast!


Cody LOVES the baby dolls at camp, which freaks his father out (and I find hillarious), but best of all is that I caught his father making fringe for the scarf Kate was knitting!

daddy with shilo in a head trapper

lily and kamryn helping out with the stew

kamryn told everyone they were the little bakers and i was the big chef

On Saturday afternoon we all went for a ride on the 4 wheelers, it was a beautiful day and the sky was so nice and clear. We went all through the field and brought the Willettes up to the camp on the hill to check out the view!

Shilo getting suited up for the ride

Shilo and Tom waiting patiently for Duane to fix the flat tire on the 4 wheeler Lily, Tom, Cody, and Kate
Cali, Me, Kamryn (the pink arm), Shilo, and Duane
Don't think for one minute I know what I'm doing!

The Willettes Photo Shoot

Cody decided when we got to the top of the hill that photos was not on his 'to do' list for the afternoon. It took a little threatening from mom, but he took his hands off his face!
While we were on our ride we took some time for photos at the top of the hill... here they are!
all our precious little trouble makers

shilo thought the camera was better suited in her mouth than in mommy's hands

The Chappell Family Photo Shoot!

daddy, shilo won't look at the camera if you won't... cali what are you doing?
Shilo... please just look at the camera
this one will probably have to do!
okay now what are you all doing?
cali where are you?

the big girls of camp
bestest girlfriends
the kids didn't want to hike up the hill so tom gave them all a ride!

here are some pictures of kate and i at target practice!
we thought we did well for a bunch of girls!

here calista and kamryn are learning proper bow technique from kate!

silly girls in the tub!
all clean and dressed up in our 'towel dresses'

last night at camp! playing before bedtime